Thursday, November 10, 2011

Brother Betrayed, Danielle Raver

Today, in honor of her book's official release, I am pleased to revisit my review of Danielle Raver's wonderful epic adventure, Brother, Betrayed, which I first read as a Kindle book.  You can find this fine book at your local Barnes & Noble, and at, and of course through the publisher at

Brother, Betrayed by author Danielle Raver was a real pleasure to read! Raver has created a very real world, called Miscia. The three brothers, Oman, Fasime and Syah are very close and love each other very much, although they each have widely divergent interests and personalities. The tale focuses somewhat more on Syah, the youngest brother; and the one whose physical health has often been fragile.
The tale begins with the three brothers going on an extended journey. Omens and portents abound; and the brothers find themselves contemplating the words of a witch after they return.“One brother will betray the others with such treachery that it will change the destiny of Miscia forever.” The three princes hear this prophecy, and despite their fear of it,  it drives them to explore love, loyalty, and their own souls.

The princes are bound by love and loyalty to each other and their kingdom. When conflict comes to their land, their ascension into power is darkened by betrayal. Oman, eldest brother and Anteria’s promised king, leads his brothers on their journey through Arnith.

Fasime, driven by passion, seeks a life of romance and adventure.

Syah, born the ailing youngest brother of the three princes, endeavours to overcome his bleak destiny through pursuit of knowledge and magic… a quest that may reveal unknown power within his own soul.

In this tale woven with deception, war, sacrifice, and magic,  Raver takes the reader to a troubled kingdom surrounded by barbarians, magical races, and forbidden boundaries Raver pays attention to the backstory and paints in the details without going off on tangents. This makes for a beautifully drawn picture of the world in which her characters live.

The land of Miscia is nearing the end of its long golden age, and is poised on the edge of violent change. As the story progresses, each of the brothers becomes more clearly defined, as do their hopes and ambitions. They love their father the king, and they love their land of Miscia. Each brother makes decisions that affect the land for good or for ill based on that love. Oman tends toward paranoia and fear; Fasime is caught in the middle, and the youngest, weakest brother, Syah, is the voice of reason.

No one believes in magic or dragons anymore, and this becomes part of the central tension of the tale as the scholarly Syah begins to understand that his world is not exactly as he had always believed it to be.
The old King is a wonderful, brave character, beloved by the people as brave warrior and a benevolent ruler. The circumstances surrounding his death plunges the land into a civil war, and divides the brothers.

The battle scenes are inspiring, particularly the last battle of the old King. His strength and wisdom are some of the best scenes in a wonderful tale. Also later on a wise old dragon is introduced as an important character.

Raver’s prose is lyrical, and the tale is told as if by the court chronicler. This tale seems to be left open for a sequel; although it is an excellent stand-alone tale in itself. I highly recommend this to all those who enjoy a good epic fantasy.


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We are so proud of Danielle! We all wish her a wonderful book signing event today at Barnes & Noble, Troy Alabama!

Thank you, Connie for your wonderful review of an EXCELLENT book!

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