Friday, June 17, 2016

Darkness Rising 6: Redemption, by Ross M. Kitson

Ross M. Kitson has finally completed his Darkness Rising series with Darkness Rising Book 6: Redemption, and I have to say, I couldn't have imagined a better, more thrilling conclusion to the story. I was fortunate enough  to be asked to edit the novel, which was a real pleasure. Then when I read the final book, and saw what Kitson had done with what was already a great story, I was knocked out. But you be the judge!

But first, the BLURB:

There's no change without loss. No gain without sacrifice. Redemption is rarely painless.'

War has ripped apart Artoria as the dark forces of Vildor prepare for the final battle. Flying north to battle, Lady Orla forms an uneasy alliance with the Artorians. Yet her heart remains heavy with the guilt of recent betrayal.

In the wilderness of the Wastes, Emelia has succumbed to Vildor's black charm and watches helplessly as his schemes come to their terrible conclusion. Separated from his partner, Hunor, the Wild-Mage Jem races across Artoria to save Emelia. But more than just Vildor stands in his way as the terrors of the past seek to steal the might of the crystals from his grasp, and with them all hope of salvation.

The final book in the epic fantasy series, Darkness Rising- Redemption brings the incredible journey to its thrilling conclusion.

My Review:

All I can say is wow. This final book in the series is absolutely engrossing. Once I had my Kindle version in my hot little hands, I was unable to put the book down for fear I would miss something, even falling asleep reading it! All the threads are wrapped up, and done so in brilliant and unexpected ways.

Hunor is still and will always be my favorite character, but I grew to have a deep affection for Kervin, which surprised me because I was so angered by him previously. Each character brings their best (and sometime worst) nature to the battle, which is definitely weighted against them. Vildor has the upper hand, but his arrogance and disdain eventually get out of hand.

Each character's nature is explored through their actions, and each choice they make for good or ill has repercussions. Emelia finally grows up, but is it too late? Lady Orla also does some maturing, as does Marthir, who ultimately has the most intriguing part to play.

If you haven't read the previous 5 volumes, I do recommend them, but even a person new to the series will find this book impossible to put down. The action is non-stop, and there are some rather graphic scenes of violence.